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    I'm new to C2 and i've spend about a week working on a game i had in my head for some time now. The tutorials helped me out a lot and when they didn't you guys where more then willing to help me out. I vary much appreciate that!

    That being said i am quite surprised by the lack of replies in the "Your Creations" sub forum. I am not only talking about my own post here. There are many threads with ZERO replies and most of them don't have more then 4 or 5.

    I really wonder why that is. People are willing to help us get started but when we post our first production we get vary little feedback. Negative feedback is feedback too. If people don't point out the good and the bad we will have a hard time getting better.

    ATM my post has a 100 views. I would like to think that at least 10 of them tried the game. Is it really too much to ask for a reply? I'm not asking for a pad on the back but it is really discouraging when nobody bothers to comment.

    You guys helps us out with problems everyday! Helps us out with feedback too!

  • It's because hardly anyone posts screenshots or videos, and rarely even a description. Also many posts on there aren't for full games, but something they whipped up in an afternoon. So..yep.

  • Hi Semo,

    I took notice of your point a while back as well. It seems that although there is all kinds of tech help and discussion about the newest wrappers etc. there seems to be a glut in the community spirit around here. I suppose that might be why I get so ticked when forum members are rude to noobs etc. One problem for me, as far as trying out others games is that I simply can't. Most games in the Scirra Arcade will neither play for me in Chrome or FF. I live high up on the top of hill with slow DSL. I'm not sure if that's why or not, but I wish I could try out more games. There are also various areas scattered throughout the forums where members post there ideas ans wips. Perhaps it would help to set one aside in particular for those seeking feedback on their creations.

    In general though I have to agree with you on your observations. Humans are turning into narcissistic zombie cowboys.

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  • Please do not get me started on the average human being.

    I can't even get my "friends" to try my game out.

    I will confess, I try more games than I leave feedback.

    I don't like what some people say about the not-so-good games.

    I bite my tongue and go to the next.

    I cannot post my game on the arcade due to it's size.

    I post updates in the my creations forum and hope to see comments.

    Not much feed-back.

    Oh well...

    Thanks and please take care.


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