creating a wwtbam type game in construct 2

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  • Hi, Greetings. I am a beginner and new to construct 2.

    I want to create a who wants to be a millionaire kind of game in construct. Its for medical college entrance exam students. I want the game to have

    1.random questions.

    2.users can answer as many questions as they like. (unlimited questions from text book) money tree. life lines.

    5.when correct answer is clicked, answer should blink in green with audio.

    6.when wrong answer is clicked, answer should go red. and right answer should turn green with audio.

    7.should be responsive.

    can i create this game in construct 2. If so what tutorials should i take and what should i know before creating it. is there any example code for this type of game in construct.

    Just knock me with some knowledge and ideas.

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  • Sure, Construct 2 can handle a game like that easily. However before you begin, I suggest you learn the basics of the engine and make some simple games with it. The manual is always helpful, just like the tutorials section.

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