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  • Hello! I want to make a rope. Like the ropes in "Cut de rope". That is, bending,... How do you think I could? Using Physicals? Having used many related objects? (this is not clear to me, because I think that would consume too). Any idea or example? Thank you!

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  • Sorry! resolved. The program has a predefined way to solve it. I had not noticed. Apologies again.

  • Sorry to bump this but, I was going to ask the same thing and I'm unable to find this predefined way. Care to share? :)

    Also, does it have collision so it bends around other physics objects?

  • Hello! I found one way, but unfortunately it does not work for me. You have an example in: C:/Program Files/Construct2/examples. The effect produces an effect to apply physical string but not right. Just serves you. Greetings (sorry my English.)

  • You should make two sprites that are a rope and then pin themself and do that when you touch the object unpin one of the ropes so it will work BUT if you need the effect of "Cut the rope" you'll need to make more things that I am not sure how to do.

    Let another user answer :P

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