Creating an object model in Construct2

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am completely new to mobile app dev and Constuct2. I have had a quick intro from my friend with whom I'd like to develop an app (not a game though). I have also read parts of the manual in order to find out how we may use Construct2 to develop our app.

    One thing that confuses me, is that it seem as if it is not possible to define any underlying data model (and object model if youlike) for your application and functions that you can use to manage the data. I only have experience with common programming like languages Java or VBA, where you would normally start by defining the classes (includign properties and methods) for the data that your app will eventually manage.

    Let's say e.g. that I wanted to build a cooking app, in which case i would be interested in managing objects like recipies, ingredients, meals etc, that each have their own properties (variables such as category, unit of meaure, calories pr. gram etc) and methods. I find it hard to imagine that you can easily manage all of this data just by using arrays, global integers and string variables. So my question is if Construct2 is suited for app development, where you have a need to manage larger data models underneath and - if so - how is this done? I have read a bit about creating plugins, but not sure if this is the way to go.

    Best regards,


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  • Objects are already predefined, like an array is a 3 dimensional indexed list, and a dictionary is a key pair system.

    You will want to use them, and import data via ajax rather than create variables with pre made strings in game.

    C2 should handle something like this fairly well, with the exception that new objects can not be introduced at runtime, so dlc requires a bit of forethought.

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