Created text object shows no text, debug says differently

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  • Hi!

    I am experiencing a rather odd problem that I think might be a bug when having a project that was started on an earlier version of construct 2, and then transitioning to the latest one since I can't re-create this problem on a fresh new project. Bear in mind, the version I started with wasn't a really old one (maybe one or two versions ago), but I don't remember exactly which it was.

    I was trying to create a text object and placing it on the layout and set the text. This wasn't a problem before I updated my copy of construct 2 as it showed up perfectly, but now it suddenly wont work in my project. It does create a new text object, because in debug mode, it shows that the object is there, that it's visible and what it's text is set to. It just wont show up on the layout when I run the game.

    Here's what it looks like in debug:

    Now, when I was trying to figure out what the problem was and was testing different things, I was able to discover that the text object wont show any text when I try to set the text to a random number with random(). So when I set the text to for example:

    "random: " & random(1,10)[/code:z0f5smw6] it will [i]not show any text at all[/i]. But if I just set the text to: "random" it [i]will [/i]show up. If I try to do this in a [i]new[/i] project though, the first one ([i]random: " & random(1,10)[/i]) works just fine.
    I can't see how I could have coded my project in some way that will make the text object unable to set the text like that, so I don't feel like I have made any event that is causing this behavior, but maybe I'm wrong.
    Don't know if it can be fixed if it is a bug, maybe someone could look into this or have any suggestions on what the problem could be?
  • Change the size of the text object to accommodate the text.

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  • Yeah, I just came back to this thread to say I figured it out. Typical it's something so simple that got overlooked!

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