Create object "Family" creates only 1 object.

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  • Hi,

    I'm having a problem with creating a whole family of objects on the screen.

    I have 7 different particle sprays combined into 1 family in order to use all of them at the same time, as a bundle.

    I also have this trigger.

    When Object1 destroyed -> Object 1 spawn Family 'Particles'.

    But when it executes, it only spawns 1 of the objects in the Family, not all. How does one go around this?

  • If I remember correctly the spawn event spawns one object (chosen randomly) from the family. YOu can also choose which object to spawn. If you want to spawn one of each you most likely need to adjust your logic and have it spawn 7 objects instead of one...

  • That appears so. But how do I make it spawn all 7 objects from the family?

    I tried "Repeat 7 times" but that only spawns 7 random objects from that family, not all.

  • it's only 7 events...just spawn them manually...

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  • It's 7 events NOW. It might get more later.

    Also the creation happens many places and often, not just once. Including each one manually for each event is gonna make like 30% of my events the respawning of the same 7 objects.

    Maybe I could just make the 7 spawn with a function...

  • Sounds to me that you should be looking into containers and not families.

  • Oh yea, I forgot about that property of the containers!


    I'll try that out.

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