Create native mobile apps with C2?

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  • Hi all!

    One year ago, I left construct 2. I've really enjoyed this game making software and developed a demo, available there:

    (hope it'll work properly, I remember problems occuring in certain circumstances...)

    Now I'd like to develop something on mobile platforms, but... I'm wondering:

    Is it possible to create a mobile native app with construct 2? Something fluid and nice created through a well-known and reliable process? In other words, can I develop a game and have it on the AppStore and/or the google playstore? And eventually monetize it? (in-app, ads etc.)

    Are there some technically decent OS/Android games developed with Construct 2 ?

    There are a lot of interesting tools and languages, but I'd really like to use C2 to achieve my goals. That's why I prefer to make sure I have all the required weapons to win my personal war

    Thanks in advance!


  • The answer is yes.

    Will it be super easy?


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  • Making the game would be the easy part?

    I'm not sure to realize how easy/hard it is, but you confirm that's possible... Better than nothing.


  • Well making the game is the most fun, I'll say that much.

    Frame rate on mobiles is low, that's a given for any engine, and yet we have users that expect the games to work just like they do on the pc.

    So if you are willing to work with the limitations, rather than expect everything to work universally, then you should be fine.

    Also the notion of "native" is a bit of a misnomer, just because something is compiled to run in that devices interpreted language, does not mean it will be faster.

  • This gets asked so often and the answer is yes, it just requires you to optimize your games for mobiles.

    Avoid WebGL shaders.

    Don't use more than 20 physics objects at once.

    Code efficiently, never waste your CPU cycles doing stuff that you don't need.

    Keep testing on your device as you progress, anything that cuts performance, you have to focus to optimize or not use.

    Proof? Look up games from others, I know two good examples of more complex games on mobiles: Poise and Street Kung-Fu, both have lots of art and runs smooth even on my old phone. My own example: ... lite&hl=en

    Fast paced action RPG. See if it runs with acceptable performance for your liking. The first level is pretty tame and easy, but later levels have a LOT of objects flying around and much more particles and enemies. I've tested on older phones from 2010 and it runs fluid.

  • Thank you both for your answers! Silverforce, I'll give your game a try!

    My initial objective is to make something clean, simple with enjoyable graphics, so I can avoid WebGL shaders and remain below the physics limitation.

    I've learn a lot with Big Bang Battle, many mistakes I won't make this time (and so many new mistakes to make, I suppose)

  • It's a learning process, that's true. That example was my first game with C2, and the first time I actually drew something seriously. It could be heaps better, and there is lots of room left for further optimizations. Still, it runs very well so I am impressed with C2 for mobiles.

    My next game is even more ambitious, so far its smooth on mobiles too.

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