Want to create iOS apps? Forget it :)

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  • As the title says, if you want to make a working iOS app with sound/music, forget it.

    Everything is broken, and has been for a while now.

    iOS 10+ audio is not working, small workarounds does not work correctly.

    Seek audio not working, random white screen crashes. and much more.


    Phonegap = FAIL

    Cocoon.io = FAIL


    I can't understand why these things hasnt been fixed.

    Bugs has been posted for both, nothing yet.

    Does anyone know of another compiler we can try with exports from C2?

  • I think most people on here developing iOS are using Intel XDK

    I'm not developing for iOS so I don't know what the current issues are though.

  • I highly doubt Intel XDK will work, but just for the fun of it, i'll try it out.

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  • Icons and Splash screens.

    This must be some sort of joke.

    That's simply put, just plain stupid.

  • What's wrong with that?

  • What's wrong with that?

    Are you serious?

    29 x 29 icons are used where in 2017?

    and even if some of them are still used, all of them should not be there, upload / 512 x 512 and then the system should resize on upload.

    I spent about an hour doing it myself, where other compilers does this automatically.

    And that's without splash screens and the landscape mode hahah.

    Talk about taking the fun out of making apps and games, wow. :/

  • xanxion

    Not defending XDK here (I don't use it) but you could always make a script yourself for the Icon and Splash configurations if you find it too much work? Either via photoshop actions for example or more low-end via imagemagick. Do it once, use ever after.

  • It may not matter for what you are doing but having diferent resolutions can be an issue for certain artwork.

    Plus it allows a bit of version control.

  • Talk about taking the fun out of making apps and games, wow. :/

    Nobody ever said publishing should be fun! If anything, publishing should be MUCH harder than it is. It's a shame the icons and splash screen are the only quality assurance issues IXDK takes off your hands.

  • Spending an hour uploading and resizing icons and splash screens aren't really hard or making apps better. Its just time consuming.

  • Icons and splash screens are not mandatory, at least for me when I'm building my JS games for testing purposes.

    You should only fill them when you're going to publish your stuff online.

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