Can I create a game by directly coding commands

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  • This may have been asked before, but I can't find anything on the forum

    I think that Construct 2 is a great product, but I'm from a programming background and would love to be able just to write JavaScript code and call the functions inside Construct 2.

    ie a bit like in Flash,where the IDE can be used to layout the scene, but ActionScript can be used to control all the scene elements etc

    Is there some equivalent way to do this in Construct 2, or is the only way to do the coding via the object properties etc.

    e.g Can this be done by creating some sort of controller object which is written in JS and added to the scene to control the other objects, and to get messages e.g. click / drag etc from the objects.


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  • We don't support this, as it is not the goal of Construct 2: we are designing it to be based entirely around the event system. However, you might be interested in our Javascript plugin SDK.

  • Thanks Ashley

    I'll take a look.

  • You also have the Call Javascript plugin! However, I'm not quite sure how many objects are exposed to this plugin. Worth a try.

  • OK. Thanks.

    I took a look at the plugin SDK that Ashley referenced, but I don't think its going to provide the overall control that I'd like.

    But In understand that Construct 2 is aimed at non-programmers, so I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, which is a pity, because the other JS game frameworks e.g. LimeJS don't have a UI, which makes it much harder to create decent looking product

  • If you don't minify the Javascript, I think you can edit it on export, then just minify it with a third party tool later on.

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