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  • My team and I have created a few casual games within C2 now and am wanting to create a shell app that houses them all. A sort of library or arcade that would be able to pipe in other Construct 2 games or any HTML5 game for that matter right into the app.

    Has anybody had experience with this or know any of the pitfalls out of the gate?

    The app would essentially be a simple grid of thumbnails with the 5-10 games that we have produced. Each game would live in it's own folder on our servers and could be reached via the web via a normal URL path.

    Is this even possible through construct or would we want to try and build something like this in another type of software like a phonegap, etc.?

    We were even thinking about something that uses a a basic XML file to build out the grid and options and then would call each game and embed it right into the app as needed.

    Would there be any issues in the approval process through Apple, etc. that would cause something like this to fail right out of the gate? I have a feeling there are some pitfalls on the approval front that I am unaware of.

    Just trying to gain insight as to the feasibility of the whole idea and thought the forum would be a great place to start. If C2 can be used as a starting point for something like this where should I start reading to get started?

    Thanks your time!

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