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  • If you are an experienced game developer Construct two and you know what steps to take to complete the game on android. Need a hint as to direct my project from Construct 2 to final installation file for Android.

    Thanks guys

  • Your best bet at the moment is to use cocoonjs.

  • i use CocoonJS (i install and register) and when i open my game i have blank black screen and "fps:>1000" in top left of screen...

  • delgado - are you using the Ajax object in your game? I've noticed that the black screen occurs when including the Ajax object. This happens even if you don't use the object, it happens as soon as the Ajax object is included in the project.

  • basti i use only particles, keyboard, appMobi, touch, mouse, enhancment text and canvas object.

    So if i create game i cant create high scores because this need ajax?

  • Try to remove the appMobi plugin. It worked for me.

  • My guess rather goes to the canvas plugin.

    Mobiles have a different rendered than desktop browsers.

    CocoonJS and DirectCanvas (appmobi) apply some self renderer when converting the application, I'm not sure R0J0hound's canvas plugin is meant to work on mobiles.

    Knifegrinder: could you confirm if you were using the custom canvas plugin and still managed in having the app running on mobile ?

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  • I follow on your tips but i have this problem.

    how it looks like in c2<img src="" border="0" />

    and on my smartphone:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I try with Scale mode, letter box and letter box integer all looks + - similar to each other

  • Kyatric

    I'm sorry but I don't use the canvas plugin on my current project.

    In my case the crash was caused by Appmobi and CallJS plugins.

  • delgado : dear del, if you use cocoonjs try do that:

    enter cocoonjs >> your app >> you'll see a small icon on the top right of the mobile (tap on it) >> Orientation to landscape >> run game again.

  • farsmile90 yeaah thanks :) and 150 fps!

    i have question to you If you do not mind.

    how created game send to someone? he must do this all things like registration and type adress to link with game archive?

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