This is a CRAZY Question, can C2 Scale down your game ?

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  • I am expecting a "NO WAY" for this but here goes.

    So I have created this game with a 1024 by 576 resolution.

    But because of the amount of graphics I have created for it [6 months of work and counting], it simply kills the iphone

    I was wondering if there is a way to...instead of having to redo the entire game on a smaller resolution, just let Construct 2 unilaterally scale it down [not loaded at 1024 by 576 hence taking up that amount of uncompressed space and then scaled down later, I mean construct 2 literally output a separate file that is scale down by the specified amount, I think this is too crazy to ask, is this even possible ?]

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  • I'm not sure this will actually improve performance at all. Even if you managed to make everything tiny, letterbox scale will just make it big again. What measurements have you made that make you think this will help?

  • Ashley ! I was not expecting the GOD of Construct 2 himself to replied to this crazy question !

    Thank you Ashley for making Construct 2, it changed my career !

    This is my internal assumption, that because of the size of my sprites, the mere loading of it sometimes on its own kills the device [restarting this and many devices fixed it probably because of memory leaks from other apps after running the phone for a long time.]

    I was hoping that say if EVERYTHING was a smaller resolution [assuming I redo which is not possible for this project], there will be less memory need for each sprites.

    I imagined scaling up doesn't really waste memory by much because it is only scaling up what is on the screen at the moment, all the sprites in memory are still small in their original size until it is time for them to be on the screen again for that moment.

  • The problem with downscaling everything is it will trash the quality of your artwork. It's better to design memory-efficiently from the start. See Remember not to waste your memory

  • You are right, I guess it is too late now, I have to bite the bullet

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