Crashing after applying Effects.

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  • Hey guys,

    Wondering if anyone could help with this bug.

    Construct crashes when I put an effect on the project and open up that layout.

    I went and put the effect on every level (which there are many) for a transition effect between levels and now it crashes everytime.

    It's not the code or anything, does it straight as soon as you put the effect on and open the layout.

    Is this a common issue?

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  • Can you create a simple .capx that you can attach to your post so that others can also test?

    If others have the same issue, then you may have doscovered a proper bug, but without seeing and testing the .capx, it's hard to say. I can add effects to both objects and Layouts without a problem, so it would save time if we can see what you've done

  • As I said it happens on an empty project as soon as you insert an effect and then open the layout inside Construct itself. Capx isn't essential for this diagnosis.

    I think it might be my display settings/hardware as I can't find the bug anywhere. Hrmm...

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