Crash on large PNG "Invoke download of CanvasSnapshot"

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  • I am working on a wallpaper making app. It seems to crash when saving a snapshot with the art on the screen being very complex (big PNG.) At first I thought it was an issue with sprites bleeding off the edge of the layout, but it would crash before that occurred at times. For now, I have simply switched to saving the screen as a 90% jpg which always seems to work.

    I just published this temporary fix to the Chrome Web Store and, but I would eventually like to save the image with a user chosen-background, including an option for transparent.

    Can anyone shed some light on how I could get around this issue with large PNGs? Is it a known issue? A limitation of C2? HTML5? Certain browsers?

    Or perhaps it is another issue entirely?

  • You don't give any figures with which to make a valid determination. How large a png are we talking?

    Is there any chance you could create a very simple capx that recreates the issue that others can also test for you? That way, if it does crash for us, you can post a bug report for Ashley to look at.

  • It is not a large app. Here is the source. When I push the Distance slider to the max and continually click the camera icon to save a picture, the page crashes close to when the swirl reaches the edges of the screen. It handles PNGs close to 1.5MB. It has no issue with 90% JPGs.

    I assume it is something to do with file size, but it could be anything. I have been testing in Chrome.

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  • PNG isn't designed to save canvas with biggest images including million of colors, PHP does it same, you should use JPG.

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