Is it cracked up to what it seems?

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  • Hello all;

    First off hello! I am new here and I hope to be an active member of this community.

    From what I have seen of this product I am blown away! I have been looking around the site, reading your posts, playing your games and from what I can see, some great stuff has come out of this community. I just wanted to post here asking if it is really as good as it claims as my clicker is on the "BUY NOW" button. I have a puzzle type game in mind, simulare to Tetris, with grid locked in movement e.t.c. Is this doable in Construct 2?

    I am sure lots of you are rolling your eyes as you read this post, but I just wanted to see your input and feedback in respects to how you all feel about this product, before clicking BUY NOW.

    Thanks so much for your time.


  • yes, Construct 2 is ridiculously amazing, and if you've tried other game making packages, will probably seem too good to be true.

    there is a free version with more than enough to help you make your mind on the front page of

  • As a matter of fact a member, Yann, had a working example the other day.

    So yes quite possible.

  • Just try the free version, and you'll see how good it is!


  • It really is amazing

    For my money it's already the best out there and if we get a decent android/iOS/exe wrapper it will be lightyears ahead of the competition

  • Definitely! C2 is the best and powerful HTML5 game engine, other game engines may support HTML5 but not with strong focus like Construct 2, which offer a high performances , an active updates and rich new features too.

    if you like creating HTML5 apps, don't drop C2 from your choices!

  • Nothing is as ever as good as it seems, in my experience, but C2 and Classic are both great development platforms for indy game designers. It is arguably not as flexible as coding your own game/engine from scratch, but that would take years of expertise and probably a lot of code (and you can write low-level plugins in Javascript to do just about anything, I suppose).

    A tetris-style game is definitely possible in Construct 2 if you're good with events (and that's not too big of an "if"!). I mean, it is going to take some work (all games do), but if you're even slightly more diligent than I, you will be fine.

  • As others have said, you can just download the software and give it a whirl. :) There are limitations in the unregistered version, but they won't stop you from exploring what's possible and play around with everything. And yes, it's awesome!

  • Thank you all for your input, I am now the proud owner of C2, I look forward to giving this a whirl and seeing what I can come up with. I have all of the art done for the game I have in mind, just never had a product that could bring it to life, well not without hiring a coder at least. So now that I own C2, and joined what seems to be a fantastic community, I can't wait to get started!


  • Welcome to the community Bilko! I look forward to playing your puzzle game when it's done :)

    All the folks who contribute in the forum are super helpful and nice, and are generally happy to help if you post in the How Do I forum if you get stuck!

  • Welcome to the C2 community!

    Good choice in my opinion ;)

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  • Awsome and welcome! You will find this site as well as Construct2 very fun to be a part of!

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