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  • Ive got a couple questions Ive been wondering about and decided to see if anyone had the answers!

    First is WebStorage. Where are the files stored and mainly my question is how secure they are. I want to use it for save games (like pretty much everyone Im sure) but how secure is the data? I mean assuming someone wants to find the file isnt it just plain text? If someone edits the file will it still be considered safe to load by the browser?

    I mean whats the point in local storage for saved games if they can just be edited in plain txt?

    Then the new files systems. These files are they downloaded with the rest of the game to be played or are they accessed from the website? Id like to use it for a flat file db system but if its DLed to the client side (where it can be opened and read) thats not gonna work

    Also say you have a text file in the files folder. Can you write to that text file? Can I make a new text file in that folder during runtime then read/write from it?

    if so that can be a really simple form of non local storage.

    Just some stuff Ive been wonderin. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Games that run in browsers are restricted in changes they can make on the local computer. Web storage is a limited, sand-boxed type of exception. But if a program running in a browser could, in effect, alter itself -- well, that would seem to raise all kinds of security issues! That said, I'd love to be able to do what you are suggesting with the embedded text files.

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