I have a couple of questions about upgrading to Personal.

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  • Here are some Questions I have that I get from upgrading from Free version to Personal Version.

    1. The sounds on the free version only let me upload sounds from 96 kbps to 192 kbps and that is hard when your trying to upload a 712 kbps sound file. Will that be Fixed in the Personal Version?

    2. The Layers section only let me create up to 4 layers. Will that be fixed in the Personal Version?

    3. On the export part, it only shows a few games, but on the website, it shows platforms that Didn't show on the Program like the Wii U. Plus, it is hard for people like me who want to upload there games to Steam Greenlight. Will there be a variety of platforms on the Personal Version?

    I might have some more questions but I will mention them in the comments.

  • 2. Yes, in Personal Edition, you can create as many layers as you want.

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  • 1. I believe 192kbps is the max in the full version too, but can't confirm that at the moment.

    3. Aside of WiiU, you can export to the other platforms out of the box with C2 Personal (WiiU needs separate authorization from Nintendo directly at https://wiiu-developers.nintendo.com/ ).

    I think it's worth mentioning too that the Business license only changes how you are allowed to sell/use your games, and that you get the same features in personal as you do business, in case you might have been wondering about that.

  • 1. Could be wrong but you should be able to import the already converted to ogg vorbis file at a 712 kbps bitrate (try it with the free version to see if it works before, as the personnal edition should not change it, also if you are targeting web, which should be the case if you are using C2, keep in mind the potential download time of sounds.)

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