Couple of questions (Licensing and Python)

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  • Hi! there first and foremost thanks a lot for Construct2! As a novice coder I found mind-blowing 2 guys build this awesome IDE/Engine

    Anyway couple of questions:

    1) I bought the personal licence in the steam sale, My problem is I travel often and I notice the licence is only for one computer/install, hence I should've licence it to my USB stick haha..   I'm wondering can I transfer my steam license to a USB stick? or do I need to buy another one?

    2) I'm most proficient with Python, I'm wondering is there is a interpreter/library so I can script C2 events in python instead of java?

    Sorry for gremmer or syntax mistakes, English is my 2nd language.


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  • Hey there !

    1) Steam licences travels with your steam ID. so don't bother, as long as you can log in with steam. Even if you had bought it here, you could have moved it from a computer to another if needed.

    2) Python isn't usable here, and it's javascript not java ^^ But you'll see rapidly, C2's events are lovely to use and play with, giving lots of possibilities and being not that hard to learn in the end.

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