Counting objects in the Inspector: Strange

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  • I have three objects in the Inspector of Construct 2 (paid version) they appear well. As there is one each on the screen. This makes me three objects. Normal.

    Now I created a family where the three objects are present in the Inspector appears the family name with the next number (3) and below my three objects.

    In total objects, these same objects thus appear twice, it's weird? Does it plays on performance?

    that intrigue me

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  • I'm 99% sure objects in family are reference to the oryginal objects, not their clones. Reference takes literally several bytes so it can't affect performance even if you have hundreds of thousands of them in your project.

    But I might be wrong, and C2 developers made it differently for some reason. If you have time you can test performance with - let's say - 100 different objects doing something in every tick loop. First test it without family and then put all of them to the family and run the loop again. If there will be no difference in FPS for 100 objects then it's ok I think.

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