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  • As we move into a world where C2 can deploy to PC and Mobile and beyond, I was curious if anyone had done the numbers on costs for doing dev work for Wii and PS. I looked into it, and couldn't find much for Wii. I'm curious if it is similar to iOS and WP, where you pay 99$ a year and that's about it.

  • Cost for a WiiU devkit lies around $3000, according to things talked about here on the forums.

    Whether or not the PS4 or Xbone will require devkits for indies is unsure at this point, but it seems the PS4 kit goes for $2500, a number I got from some articles (so, could be wrong) and Sony seems to have been loaning kits to various indie devs for zero cost.

  • You can use any Xbox One as a dev kit, so the only cost should be developer registration.

  • You can use any Xbox One as a dev kit, so the only cost should be developer registration.Quite right. It's thought of, but right now a developer's kit is still needed. But there's good news. From the official "independant developer publishing program" page:

    "As part of our vision for enabling everyone with an Xbox One to be a creator, we absolutely intend to enable people to develop games using their retail kits. Right now, though, you still need a development kit! We provide two kits to everyone in the registered developer program. Additional kits, if needed, can be purchased."

    You get two for free, so this shouldn't be a problem.

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  • Is the XBox kit different than the Windows Phone one? I've had my WP dev account for a few years.

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