CORS, Absolute URL and CDN

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  • I created some games in Construct, and they share the content.

    What I want to do is to put the absolute URL to the images and the media in the exporter, and all of the images instances to have this parameter set image.crossOrigin = "anonymous";

    this way I could cache the content much easier and publish much faster, now I have to publish and open the files to change all of the links

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  • I created some Regular expressions to change the exported script, if anyone have the same problem

    search "^(.*)var (.*) = new Image\\(\\)\\;",

    replace "$1var $2 = new Image()/**/;\r\n$1$2.crossOrigin = 'anonymous';"

    search "^(.*) = new Image\\(\\)\\;",

    replace "$1 = new Image()/**/;\r\n$1.crossOrigin = 'anonymous';"

    search "\"images/",

    replace "\"http://your url here/images/"

    search "\"media/",

    replace "\"http://your url here/media/"

    you can change the http:// to // if you want to work in both http and https, but I haven't tested yet

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