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    im working on my project, i finish i close my project, work later, save qui reload...AND

    what to do???


  • When working on big/huge projects (in terms of size of the content) on flash/virtual/online drive, give them the correct amount of time to save before quitting C2/removing your drive from the computer. That kind of errors does come from such an issue where your project actually did not correctly saved.

    Also regular storage disks may be subject to failure (electricity issue, deteriorated clusters,...).

    Moreover virtual/external disks like that may be subject to even more failure and instability.

    If the issue comes from your hardware, no need to come here asking for answers.

    It's also not that good practice to use caps locks for the titles of files (and in your posts for that matter).

    To retrieve and save your work, do rely on backup options.

    If you haven't, too bad for you your "work" might be lost.

    As a capx, unzip it somewhere in a temporary folder.

    This is now a project folder, so you should still be able to directly open the png file to see if it does contain data.

    If it does, you may have to edit the XML file for your project.

    I think even with such an error you should still be able to open your project and go into it to check what object is missing the texture and loading it up again.

    Then save up that folder as a capx again.

  • Yep. keep backups. I have 10 backups + DB backup + SVN server backup + teammate's backups. No it's not overkill

  • Yep. keep backups. I have 10 backups + DB backup + SVN server backup + teammate's backups. No it's not overkill

    I make one backup manually, placing it in cloud, and also I'm doing one more backup every time a bigger goal is met.

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  • Yup, me too. I zip the c2 folder system and all art program files every few days and store the latest in the cloud. It saved my life twice over the last year alone: paranoia is a good philosophy for looking after your hard work.

  • i don't suffer from paranoia xD

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