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  • hey guys its kbd again

    i am making a megaman game and i wanna get some profits of it but i wanna know if capcom can attack me in justice

    thank you guys

  • hi

    I'm sure they will attack you, i remembered someone who attempted to

    create street fighter (I think), with m.u.g.e.n and he mailed them and

    they refused.

    also many examples of freeware fangames like street of rage and chrono crises, prevented to be released for the public due to copyright issue..

    this just an examples for freeware projects, and for getting profits i'm afraid you will lead yourself into trouble with CAPCOM, perhaps you

    can still make a clone game with megaman elements but different story

    and characters, if you still love the idea.

  • Yes. You can't make a profit out of another company's license, especially one that is in active development.

    Even if you didn't make a profit at all, it would still be against the law (though companies usually ignore fangames, mostly due to fear of negative publicity).

    Think of it this way: if you were to sell a 3D shooter based on "gordon freeman" and "black mesa", do you think valve could sue you?

    If not, what's different?

  • Usually you can also contact a public relations represenative of these companies and ask them for direction when making these types of games. Some companies even frown upon fan based games, as they are affraid of it ruining there professional image.

    I contacted the creators of the game "zuma" a couple years back for permission to use there graphics to make a fan based game, and a few weeks later got a positive response. They allowed me to do so for educational purposes only, and non-profit.

  • thank you guys

  • Making profit with someone else's assets tends to be frowned upon. Does it HAVE to be megaman? Generally you have to get your own assets (which includes the Megaman brand as well, so you'd have to name it differently). You can draw your own graphics or pay someone to do it for you. Or buy them from somewhere.

    That's the price of making games for money, sadly.

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  • Lots of related discussion in this thread. In short, it's not worth the hassle, so I wouldn't recommend it.

  • You can't others people's art or music.

    Game mechanics are fair game.

  • I agree. Avoid it at all costs. I think I have a megaman-like character I created quite some time ago. If you want you can use that for free. =)

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