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  • Hi,

    Is there any difference, regarding memory, between copying or cloning a sprite object ?

    If I have a static sprite object that I need some copies of it should I copy or clone it ?


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  • Copy is an instance, and uses no new video memory.

    Clone is a duplicate of the object.

    A brand new different object.

  • I've seen a lot of people get confused over that (I know I overlooked the difference in the early days...)

    Newt pretty much explained it. Here's one additional bit of info though:

    The way clone works in C2 is a little odd: all your properties are reset to default in the cloned object. This makes certain objects very frustrating to 'clone'. For instance, cloning particle objects means you have to reset ALL the properties, all over again.

    So, if you are wondering why clone isn't working, it's not just you.

  • I know this is an old post, I searched and couldn't find a newer post or one with an answer...

    Is their a simple way to duplicate an object in the project, in order to make a copy and not a clone.

    I know how to clone, but it adopts the variables and I'm not wanting that.

    I am just wanting a duplicate object independent of the other.

    I know it is simple to just make a new object.

    Mostly out of curiosity I was wanting to know a keyboard or mouse shortcut. It would be useful if it exists.

  • Unconnected

    If you mean make another instance (with same name, variables, etc) then, you can hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, and then click on a sprite/object and hold the mouse button down and drag an new instance of the object to a new location.

    Another way is to right-click on an object, choose copy, then paste a new instance.

    Right-clicking and choosing Clone object makes a separate object (new name, but same variables, animations, etc - as you know)

    If you mean a new object (with a new name) that looks the same, but not with the instance variables and animations, then you have to start from scratch.

  • I was meaning a new object with a new name and no variables.

    Was only wanting a shortcut. It is easy to just remake, so I will just continue doing that.


  • Clone is best I think than making a new object. Clone at least keeps something from the original objetct.

    Am I right?

  • Unconnected:

    [quote:19edmqtx]I was meaning a new object with a new name and no variables.

    hat's a clone. It uses new memory since it is a new object as Newt said. Copy does not use new memory since it is an instance. At least it is how I understand it.

      For a copy:
        on stage
        ctrl drag right-click copy select copy/paste
        in project window Object type
      For a clone:
        on stage
        right-click and 'clone object type'
        in project window Object type
        right-click and clone
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