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  • So I have a lot of animations for my player characters. I plan to have at least 13 different hand animated leg and torso armors. I am wondering if there is a way to copy and paste folders of animations and have Construct 2 recognize them. It's going to be annoying enough hand placing the frames.

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  • Wow, this is a crazy number of animations! Are you saying you need 13 copies of them for different armors/weapons? I strongly suggest considering some other options. Have you seen the Spriter plugin?


    Another good solution would be using different sprites for the character - HeroMaleNoArmor, HeroMaleLeatherArmor, HeroFemaleNoArmor etc. All these sprites will contain the same set of animations ("walk", "run", "idle"..), but obviously different images.

    The main Hero object controlled by the player can be a simple invisible rectangular sprite. All those multiple sprites will essentially be like skins pinned to the Hero sprite. When player picks up a new armor, you replace the skin sprite.

    This approach will help to significantly reduce the number of animations and make everything much easier.

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