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  • Ashley, any chance to get the coordenates and sizes inside the frames editor to be made with coordinate numbers too?

    Because sometimes, to make the same collision box for two frames in different animations being necessary to export the project in folder and edit the source file, achieving the exactly same collision box sizes and positions (It's necessary for a character with many poses, because he still needing to have the same collision box for every frame in all the animations, or he will bug when changing of animation, where a little difference can pop him inside a wall, etc).

    If you have the chance to write the coordinate of that points would be great.

    The same thing for all other menus inside the editor, like the anchor points, where you need to place on the same exactly place the same point for different animation, being hard to make it perfectly just by clicking on the same place (hopeful it show the point coordinate, but in large images it begin hard or waste much time to hit right on the place).

    Thanks =]

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  • Oooh, how I'd LOVE to see this feature added.

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