Cool social game engine for back ends.

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  • I thought all your constructors might like to know about the Roar Engine. Essentially it is a back end for multiplayer social games and rpg's. It handles everything from inventories and currencies to achievements and magic items:

    ROAR Engine

    I can't possibly explain how cool it is so have a look for yourselves.

  • Yeah i had a look at this engine a while ago. It's pretty cool. And would be awesome if Ashley could implement it somehow.

  • At the moment I am considering writing my own middleware for it that gives simple responses which construct can handle, however when there is some sort of native json/xml parsing it should be a doddle to work with.

  • This looks like an ideal candidate for integrating with a plugin via the Javascript SDK. We have too much to do on official features to spend much time integrating third party solutions ourselves, so you should encourage those guys to make their own plugin.

  • I just sent the developer a mail pointing them to this thread. I would give it a go but at the moment my javascript is abysmal.

  • Hi guys, we'd love to jump on a call and talk about the best way we can integrate Roar Engine with Scirra.

    Ashley, are you the best guy to talk to?



  • On this board, do an before a username to get their attention, like Ashley :)

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  • digimonk, would love to see integration but we only have 2 programmers and we're already incredibly busy. I'd suggest trying the SDK - if you get stuck make a post in our SDK forum and we should be able to lend a helping hand.

  • I love it when a plan comes together.

    digimonk you can count me in for beta testing if you do release an extension.

  • I can also help. I understand a little about JavaScript. If you do not quite understand Construct2's event system i'll be happy to do all that part of the plugin if you can then do all the data part <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • We've been hard at work building our new product:, virtual goods + mechanics.

    It's a single JavaScript file that you can drop into your game that gives you instant access to a shop to sell virtual goods and actions that affect player state as well as pre-baked integrations with Facebook, Google+, Super Rewards, Applifier and Claritics (more to come).

    We like to think of it as easy money for game devs. It shouldn't need any 'integration' for HTML5 games.

    I'd love your feedback!

  • digimonk, we prefer to keep features separate for our plugins

    For instance, one would integrate to roar engine, then perhaps make another plugin for roar's appshop (if that's considered a separate feature) and then another plugin for each third party (facebook,google+,etc)

    Also, you can't really "drop" a javascript into a construct 2 project.

    Say, do you plan to do a JSON-based API for roar?

  • Interesting... I also understand a little about JavaScript. I can help after finish tmx importer.

  • digimonk Construct 2 works slightly differently to other game engines, it's an engine that requires no programming and Construct 2's functionality is extended with plugins which are small JS files. Someone would need to write a plugin that wraps Roar up to allow all Construct 2 users to easily use it in their games.

  • Fimbul Tom, thank you so much for the feedback. It sounds like it would make sense for us to assist someone who knows the workflow and has already made a plugin for Scirra to do the same for

    2rexrainbow, might that be you?

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