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  • Hi! I'm a long time user of Multimedia Fusion, and only recently have I discovered Construct 2. I've just begun using it, and so far it seems that Construct 2 is a much better tool for my purposes. The only issue is that I'm already quite far into making a game for MMF. It's a game with many memory-heavy features, such as shaders, large objects, rotation and looped events, and as such can only be run effectively in MMF's hardware accelerated .exe runtime, even though I would greatly prefer it to run in a browser.

    From some of what I have read about Construct 2 it seems as if it could be powerful enough to make this work. If this is the case, I have a huge workload in front of me, having to translate and write over 1000 MMF-events into Construct 2 (even so, I'm still quite early in the creation process). I was wondering if anyone here on the forums have any experience converting MMF-games into Construct 2. Is it straightforward? Are there any actions Construct does significantly slower than MMF? Is Construct truly powerful enough to run a game such as mine in a browser?

    I'm very excited about Construct 2, and I'll probably be using it for later games, and being able to run my big project in a browser and thus reach more people would be fantastic. Any feedback or comments are welcomed, and please tell me if I need to clarify something.

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  • Some things to keep in mind:

    Web performance is not as good as native EXE performance. With webGL accelleration, it gets close, but still you may need to tone down the game slightly.

    C2 does not have any shaders at the moment, mainly because webGL is only supported in Chrome and Firefox.

    Other than these two main points, you should be fine. I haven't used MMF2 but I am 100% confident that C2 is much superior.

  • Welcome to the forums!

    It would help if you could post video or screenshots of what you're trying to accomplish. Chances are though, C2 can handle it no problem.

    I haven't used MMF's hardware accelerated runtime to compare the speed to, but if you're unsure, why not make a quick performance test first and post it here to find out if there are any optimizations you can make?

  • Thanks to both of you! I'll attempt to recreate the most memory intensive parts of my game in Construct and see how smooth it runs.

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