Contsruct 2 Project preview doesn't work.

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  • I made a game in which you have to control a tank. To control it, the movement, you use a touchpad meanwhile to control the turret you click on the screen. I have a touch computer so i am able to try it on my PC and it seems that all work fine but in my mobile (i use cocoon JS to make the preview) the tuerret doesn't work as i expected, for example it doesn't follow the finger on the screen meanwhile the touchpad work perfectly. I don't know if it is a fault on the programming part or if i only have an old version or something like this.


  • Does it work using crosswalk? Does it work using c2 preview.

    Preview like you would on pc... your ip:50000 and then connect your phone on wifi and preview over wife... your ip:50000 check tutorial section.

    CocoonJS isn't recommended. I know it has all these great features, but it takes considerable effort to get it to work. Crosswalk is a far better option IMO.

  • Yes on construct 2 preview it works perfectly. Do i have to download crosswalk?

  • Crosswalk Tutorial...

    Crosswalk is the better option.


    On top of that CocoonJS has various bugs and incompatibilities that Ludei have never fixed, despite my repeated attempts to contact them and guide them to solutions so users don't have to keep running in to the same old things (memory management being an excellent example of this). Overall users appear to be having a bad time with CocoonJS, and Ludei have made it almost impossible for us to easily support it, and this repeatedly reflects badly on us as well since it adds to the reputation that "mobile support doesn't work" (where Crosswalk and Ejecta ought to be working better). So at this point to be honest I am thinking more about deprecating support for it than making any motions to keep supporting it. Deprecating means the same thing as happened to the Intel AGI: it's hidden by default so new users are discouraged from going down that route, but for users who need to keep using it for existing projects (or have figured out a way through all the problems) can do so by right-clicking and showing the deprecated options. We'll work hard to get any bugs or missing features sorted out in Ejecta and Crosswalk. And with Android L and iOS 8 on the cusp of coming out in a couple of months, PhoneGap will be a great solution from then on too, which I think is the ultimate solution and allows us to get rid of this minefield of non-browser engines once and for all.

  • Not believe it is something with cocoonjs this part, it may have problems, but not this kind. Maybe if you post the capx someone analyze, we can reach a solution for you.

  • Not believe it is something with cocoonjs this part, it may have problems, but not this kind. Maybe if you post the capx someone analyze, we can reach a solution for you.

    It works on pc preview, then it should work on crosswalk - if it works on crosswalk then it is cocoonjs at fault. First find source of issue, then analyze, if worth the time and effort.

    But if it works on pc, then memory/cpu aside, it should work using crosswalk.

  • Yes, furthermore my pc is touch so it may behave like a mobile.

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  • At the moment im trying to export it with crosswalk to see if it works this way

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