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  • Hi, didnt really know where to post this..

    feature request..

    I would like to create a composite object from multiple objects, including duplicates of objects.. then i could spawn the composite by name, and have all the other objects spawned at the positions and orientations relative to the position of the compound object..

    spawn compound at x,y would spawn everything in the compound relative to this position..

    I could then select compound.. select object type.. pin to blah..

    This would mean i can set orientations and positions of instances in the editor and on spawn they would appear relative to the origin of the compound.. would make more complex objects far easier to create..

    Containers are great.. but limited..

    Hope that makes sense.. :)

  • What is wrong with containers and image points? It seems to me like they can do all of these things.

  • do image points hold angle information?!.. i need to spawn objects at the correct position and orientation.. and as far as containers go.. i see no way of containing multiple instances of the same object..

    maybe im misunderstanding how things work..

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  • You can PIN the objects together after positioning them at the correct image point and angle.

    The Pin behavior allow you to select the mode: Position & angle, Position only, angle only, Rope style or Bar style.

    When I have a composite object that has specific I include all objects in a container, then create the base object - which creates all the others, then position them and angle them and pin them.

  • ok thanks :)

    • yeh, im really after setting positions and orientations in the editor, not at runtime.. Its fine though, i will do this offscreen and and set bool called template.. i will then duplicate orientate and position and pin objects when i need to spawn them..

    I dont think i explained myself very clearly.. apologies

    thanks for your help :)

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