Now Constuct 2 doesn't run on Firefox AND IE [local storage]

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  • WHY....WHY !!!!!!!

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  • If this kind of thing upsets you, consider sticking to stable releases. The whole purpose of beta releases is to work out these kinds of issues.

  • If you opt-in to using a beta release some bugs are to be expected; if you wish to avoid that risk you should use stable releases, that's what they're for.

    The fact that the changelog shows that a bug was fixed does not guarantee you will not encounter a similar bug or perhaps even the same bug if different circumstances.

    It's not "blaming users for being frustrated", it's explaining a simple reality of software development. If you choose to use a beta product you may experience bugs; it's understandable that this can sometimes be frustrating, but it isn't really valid to be as angry as you seem to be with the developers -- you have the option of sticking to stable releases to have a much better chance of avoiding problems, and if you encounter serious problems in a stable release then some level of anger may be more understandable.

    Given you opted in to beta releases and have experienced this error, have you submitted a high-quality bug report to help the developers solve the problem for you?

  • Agree, I guess I am too worked up.


  • I can confirm that the bug reported in the changelog has indeed been fixed.

    In r203, adding Local Storage to a project (even a blank one) and previewing it used to display this error on start in FireFox.

    In r204 it's not the case anymore, so it sounds like you've encountered a new bug with this new (Local Storage), in beta, feature.

    As jbadams noted if you can provide a simple capx and clear steps to reproduce the error (following the bug report guidelines), Ashley will likely be looking into fixing it.

  • Step 1:

    Add Local Storage.

    Step 2:


  • Can't reproduce...

    What OS ? What browser version ? What Construct 2 release ?

  • I can't reproduce it as the moment as I have uninstalled the latest version and reverted as Ashley suggested to continue the project, will make the cap file if I ever decided to install this crippled version again for some unknown reason.

  • That's exactly what betas are for!

  • Thank you Ashley !

    r204.2 fixed it !

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