Construct's inbuilt save/load system - should I use it?

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  • Hi, I've got a save/load system that uses Construct's default state save/load. This is nice and easy to implement and for the most part works really well. However, I'm thinking if I release the game, say on Steam and it needs an emergency patch, if I update the game and then redistribute it - what will happen to my customer's save games? Will they be useless? I've wanted to avoid having to use local storage/dumping a whole load of variables etc - I'll go down that route if I have to though.

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  • I think Scirra stated that the save/load system will work fine with any changes made (such as if you add new characters or levels), and most saves will be fine. You may have to have new saves made, though, to access content...but that probably only counts for stuff like random or procedural terrain generation.

  • You can update your games no problem the save states are persistant as far as local storage save.

  • The save/load code in plugins/engine will not be changed if designer does not upgrade any plugin and C2 software. In this case designer could keep the backward-compatible the official save data with upgraded events.

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