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  • First of all, as usual, I would like to say thanks for already doing a fantastic job with the development of this fantastic software.

       I woud like to make these suggestions for C2:

    * sound input support? (to record user sounds, for example if you wanted to for some reason create an app that helped the user record their band's music, etc)

    * Xbox live support? (yes, I know there's a dev fee for Microsoft, but, so long as we can export in the correct format, then at least we have option to save up for that pesky fee :P )

    * A 'competition' section within the forums (I'm not sure if there already is one, but I can never easily find where you're hosting the most recent competitions)

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  • Audio support in C2 is dependent on the HTML5 audio support.

    And that support is pretty restricted atm. It only allows playback, and options like speed of playback does not work in all browsers the same way.

    Audio support has been widely treated in Scirra's blog (be sure to check in the archives)

    XBOX live export is not likely to happen either.

    The focus of C2 is and always has been HTML5. More than the fee you're mentioning, there is also a question of converting the exported projects to C# or a like-language that will then be compiled through other tools to be used on Xbox.

    Scirra has also been talking about this in the past explaining that their resources (a two men British startup) could not be able to handle such export and if they did, they wouldn't be able to keep on focusing on HTML5 and bringing all the new features they do in their quick release cycle.

    And for competitions, there weren't some in a while, generally they are announced in the stickies or announcements of the forums, post on top of the index list in "Construct 2 general" (or even through all the forums). They also are announced on Scirra's twitter (@Scirra) and facebook (link).

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