Construct3 editor - .NET or something else?

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  • Just wondering how Scirra will be porting Construct over to other platforms.

    I suppose the question is aimed at Ashley

    Construct2 is using .net and directx and that has been the reason it is only on windows. Correct?

    .Net is now open source and has been ported over to mac and linux:

    Are you going to use it in Construct3, along with some of what you already have in terms of editor code? Or are you completely rewriting the editor from scratch - possibly using other libraries (like QT toolkit maybe?)

    I am just curious <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Well I don't know, however I have personally expressed(with little value of that expression) that C3 should be running on NodeJS/JS. That way Plugins/Behaviours can interact in the editor to create a more robust engine. Where as going with any other system will leave C3 better off than C2, but still largly short of blending runtime and edittime.

    Imagine the difference of creating a particle effect, and watching it work in the editor. Or running the game, but being able to live edit everything in the editor to test changes.

  • The editor is Scirra, it is the product, at least the main one, so anything other than a secure program is unlikely.

    Unless they go with a model of service as the product.

    That too is unlikely given their web stability, and the sh!t storm that would ensue.

  • I think that they are remaking the editor in order to set some things up for a better future for construct. People thinking that scirra is doing a complete remake without having any plans to take advantage of that are fooling themselves.

    A complete redesign of the editor means removing some limitations that have been stopping them do some things.

    It is not only to make it available on mac and linux.

    I think Ashley mentioned something about opening up the editor more to add ons. I translate that to myself with addons being able to create new gui elements in the editor.

    It would be particularily awesome if the author of Q3d for example gains the access to a level of the editor that allows him to add 3d scene editing for example.

    jayderyu That is an interesting observation. It would be quite awesome to see how it goes. I think that Superpowers (another html5 game engine) uses node.js for interface and it seems very powerful in more than one ways:

    It allows them to make the engine collaborative ! That is quite useful on gamejam events! Too bad there is no visual programming like in construct yet

  • newt

    Scirra can make more money out of an asset store that is far better integrated to the IDE. Also C2 isn't secure now. It's pirated already. Secure programs don't really exist if you don't have a team dedicated to security.


    I've used IDE that run at the same level as the IDE. The interaction for development is incredible. Also that flexible custom IDE capability adds a lot for thrid party developers to extend the ide, improve product quality and reduce development time is excellent. Which is the goal of C3. I just don't know if they will manage. we have no idea what's in mind.

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  • I agree that an js engine would be very powerfull, and i wish it would go in that direction, there is actualy not really anything you can't do anymore if you talk about UI control and consequent looks can be achieved by css templates

    this is a far out idea, but reviewing your events on a tablet could happen, a complete set of optimal touch based ui control could be made,...

    if done right, it has tremendous posibilities and would fit construct model very well... i dont really know what other choices would better fit or give more future options... we will see...

  • Hmm, I'm curious

  • talking about JS engine - they could give some time to develop at least a fast simple renderer, fully optimized and fast, because they would be the first ones to have something that works ultra fast - and gain some respect + sell it to others + become no.1 2D engine (even though i think they are already) with best anydevice speed.

  • I hope Scirra are going to produce something like Overlap2D, because as said above - live particle effects in the editor, aside from making game dev easier and quicker - it would make the dev experience so much more satisfying.

    So, an editor possibly running Node.js....? Inside NW.js I guess, or how else could it be done? An interesting idea indeed!

  • Yeah it'd be pretty cool if it ran in NW.js. We could maybe get live previewing akin to Unity and everything in-editor would be more accurate to the final product, among others.

  • scirra is in a tricky situation right now. If they announce that construct3 will be much more awesome than C2, people will stop buying the c2 license and start waiting for c3 to come out - buy that instead.

    It is possible that C3 would not have new features over C2 on initial release - just have a better underlying framework that allows people to mod the editor - along with high portability to other operating systems.

    I am very much excited to have construct 3 editor run on linux.

    Live previewing would be awesome!!

  • As far as I know, Construct 2 is written in C++ and JavaScript but the events it uses for "programming" games is HTML5.

    Construct Classic used DirectX and Python for events I think.

  • NW.js?

  • NW.js?


  • Ok so now we know that some people really want Node-webkit for Construct3.


    Btw is there anywhere an official statement of what libraries construct2 uses?

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