Construct3? backwards comp?

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  • Hey, I'm pretty new to C2 and not sure if this question has been asked already... but as I delve into my project, I can see it's going to be many months before I finish. Is it the intention of scirra when they inevitably put out Construct3 that my C2 project file will load and work?    I wasn't around during C-classic to C2, were there any issues moving up projects?

  • C2 was never compatible with CC, however, I don't think this is something you really need to worry about. C2 is still a work in progress, and there haven't been any murmurings about it being replaced any time soon.

  • Construct 2 is going to be around for years I'm guessing, he said ages ago that there wouldn't be a C3 as he'd just keep updating C2.

  • It will be many many years before C2 is replaced with a successor, if at all. I wouldn't worry too much ;)

  • C3 Will come out under 1 of two conditions.

    1. C2 sales have reached the peak of the possible market it can sell too. Then about 1 year later they will ride the downward slope of decreasing sales to start on C3.

    2. It becomes more viable that increasing the platforms for the development tools.

    Otherwise C2 has a long way to go as C2 is in a growth pattern at this time.

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  • thanks..good to know..

    okay, so then my second question is easy... have there ever been any updates to C2 that breaks your current project? or at least introduces new bugs and things you need to fix? (other than obvious unstable builds of C2 that you probably shouldn't be using in the first place!)

  • There have been a few occasions where breaking changes have been made to the way certain features work at runtime. However, these never effect the loading of projects and they're mentioned in the build change logs when they happen.

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