Any construct2 web banners?

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  • Hello!

    Id like to ask if there are or will be any web banners for use to spread the world about construct2 in more graphic way?

    The idea is based on these banners to keep things simple

    TB promotools banners

    Would it be posible to perhaps make in future a html5 mini game in a banner resolution?

    There are many flash banners like that so compeeting with a html5 banner with mini games in it could be a good idea.

    I think ppl who got a webpage like blogspot, thumblr or any pages like that would not mind to use the banners to help get construct2 more known than it already is :)

    I personaly do wish to use that once i launch my big web project that moustly targets the furry community and there will be a bunch who would love to take a look at this awesome software :D

  • We could make banner but you know us , Atleast the half of use are lazy developpers ( Me , Atleast , ME )


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  • Well i could make something myself by using the files in "Press Kit" but i though something more official would be better so i dont acsidentely lets say....violate some rules?

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