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  • Hello friends,

    I read a lot of surveys from different gaming sites this week, thinking this stuff is pretty interesting.

    As a fan of statistics, I decided to make a Construct2-survey by my own, to give a (pretty limited) overview of the scene.

    If you have one minute free time, please take a moment to fill in these questions. The more answers I get, the better it wil be of course :-)

    It?s free and anonymous of course :)

    Have a good one,


    PS: There are multiple-answers possible on some of the questions btw. :)

  • Done. Then you can display the result with an infographic made with construct ;)

  • OlivierC

    Haha, that's what i actually plan to so :)

  • There is a real flaw in that survey, I'm afraid, when it comes to target platforms. You have "mobile" (I read that as "apps") and "web" (I read that as "desktop browsers").

    The real deal, where C2 shines and the most money is being made, is "mobile web" actually, browser games for mobile devices. It is vital to distinguish between web and mobile web, because the former yields close to zero revenue right now.

  • That to me really doesn't seem too be to necessary.

    Most of the people doing this, aim mobile primary of course. Otherwise they could just do a web applications. Mobile support is the big deal in this exporting type, so just choose mobile.

  • Done. Also you should add and Inkscape, I don't use Photoshop, Gimp or illustrator. And and Inkscape are popular enough to be categorized with the Gimp level.

    I can't imagine many people would use the browser for mobile. There is clearly far more interested to have the game wrapped rather than run on the mobile safari or chrome.So no, it's not the real deal. Otherwise we wouldn't be getting a lot of complaints on the matter in the prior months.

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  • Done. This should be interesting.

  • Done. But I'm using Adobe Flash to make graphics.

  • I'm done, but I think you should add 2 questions how many games you have published in stores? and what are platforms you have developed games for

  • Thanks everybody for taking part and sharing your thoughts :)

    Actually, I won't change it now, because 43 already took part and i don't want to influence the results. :)

    I'll have that in mind for the next One.

    Please continue answering!:)

  • One last bump for this:)

    Still need 4 to cross the magic border of 50 people.

    Please help me with this survey.

  • done! now I'm curious about the results! ;)

  • Was the last question about money supposed to be a total, or monthly, or something else? I make a little, but made $1000 on appbackr alone. (3 250s, 2 100s, and 1 50.)

  • This means income in total :-D If I have a quick view on the results, I can see that there won�t be a lot people make hundreds in a month ;-)

  • done!

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