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  • 1. Construct2 r146 (Stable) is not supporting CocoonJS 1.4-accelerated mode

    For a physics-based game, I set the CocoonJS physics engine into accelerated mode, exported it into zip, tested it on iPad2 and iPad-retina device with CocoonJS launcher and got the following results.

    (i) iPad-retina device displayed a black-screen. Even audio could not be played.

    (ii) iPad2 was able to run the game, but it couldn't use/show any physics force

    2. Construct2 r146 configuration settings for using/not using iOS retina display, is not working

    I exported the game with CocoonJS standard web-based mode (Use iOS retina display-> Never) and got the following results.

    (i) iPad2 was able to run the game well with fullscreen

    (ii) But iPad-retina displayed the game-screen with half width and half height of the device (means it's using retina display) [iOS7 installed on iPad-retina]

    I urgently need these issues to be fixed soon. For now, I think to use older stable version of Construct2 to solve these problems. Is there any other solution? Kindly suggest.

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  • Asit

    little off-topic but I'm just curious: what happens if you use "Stretch to Fill" in CocoonJS for iOS?

  • szymek

    I was testing with CocoonJS launcher. I haven't packaged it into ipa.

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