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  • hi everyone :P today in google+ someone asked me if the construct2 is going to be in linux and while before if it going to be in mac and also if it will export to linux or what about Ubuntu, so i'm not asking about all that because this will make all the way harder than one it is now also it will make the engine more expensive also it will be harder to update one of them so ?? i think there should be something combine all these OS on one platform i think some of you knows what i'm talking about its google chrome , google chrome has an os but if you see this , google chrome has all os version : mac,windows all version,linux all versions , ubuntu , google chrome os ,...

    so my question is will this engine comes on google chrome i know maybe its hard or something like that but it would be nice if you release beta version or made kickstarter fundation to see how well this idea also this will be more safer on paying so you can saves all buyers by thier emails and we can use our email in all these OS and we will see our works :P maybe in future you guys combine the app into thier drive so everywork will be compared and saved word by word without any losing also you can make even better by making google drive as a host or a way to upload to dropbox with some clicks :P

    ok some people will says the offline people?? of course you guys can keep the windows version only but all other version can be in the app so in this way if someone liked the app he will buy windows to use it in offline . i hope i explained my idea verywell but this should be one of the most steps that engine should have to beat all the other engines :)

    i hope from Kyatric Tom Ashley to see these and do some blogs or votes or kickstarter just to see how well this idea will goes ... by me ill be happy to buy the business version if this happen :)

    tell us your vote , comment

    thanks for reading

    by salem

  • There are multiplatform frameworks like haxe and qt which allow export to PC, Mac and Linux without needing to run via chrome. While having c2 run on those extra platforms would be great, Ashley has stated that it's something they simply don't have the resources to do at the moment.

    They've also said that export to Linux should hopefully be coming in the next beta.

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  • You just brought up a topic that interested me from the beginning.

    IMO it's better to have an engine run well on 1 platform rather than have a slowly updated, buggy one on all platforms.

    There are emulators for the other OSs that makes possible to run Windows apps, like Wine for Linux.

    I'll make some tests with it on a VBox Ubuntu 12.10 as soon as I have free time for it.

  • yes i know there can be all created but they will get alot of bugs but in chrome it would be nice to program one app with the same result and also it can be updated with alot of stuffs like making a team work also the combining with other apps so it can upload to dropbox with email and also auto backup with everystep , and much more ... about ashley and he said he don't want to do more programs at the moment i remember that , but as i said he can do a kickstarter plan wich will required 2-4programers , servers , and so on so ashley and tom can still work on the windows version while the others will work on the chrome and ashley can view thier works (an idea) . also some people says its hard to put the pictures on app on the chrome but it will be much easier if it combine with google drive so all the picture will be saved too , also the exporting it can be done with a server like ludei idea , uploading my work to a server that give me a download link for one time and then the work will be deleted from the server but saved on google drive for later use ... it would be really exciting to see a game engine on chrome and all other os

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