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  • Hello,

    I'm Dejan and new here coming from TripleClaim Game Collective

    We are planning to use construct2 in one of our commercial project aimed at iOS and Android so I'm interested in few questions:

    • What's with the sound (working/not)?
    • How is the performance on iOS/Android (any advices?)
    • Do i get APK/XCode project for publishing purposes?
    • Any other help and advices regarding construct2 on mobile would be appreciated because we are trying to decide should we go with construct and it's really important decision if we go with it we will buy license and work all future HTML5 projects with it.

    Thank you.

  • Hi list3ner,

    So there's two good options right now (that I'm aware of) with Android export, Crosswalk or Cocoonjs. I prefer Cocoonjs (performance usually seems better and it has support for things like ad networks and in-app purchases)

    So for CocoonJS

    1. sound works fine, check out some examples of what other people have done here:

    2. Performance is usually pretty good if you build your project right (read

    You may run into some issues when compiling to mobile so you should test often (use the the CocoonJS app to launch your test your app quickly over wifi, read the section titled Testing with the CocoonJS launcher

    3. Yes with CocoonJS it compiles it to an apk or xcode project for you

    4. Construct 2 is my favorite game engine--I'd suggest you download the the free version and try it out and see if it's good for you. There's great documentation, samples, community support, and tutorials to look at.

  • sometimes bigger music files can cause problem on CocoonJS (I had situation with 1 music file like 1st level music OK, 2nd level no music, 3rd level music OK... / when playing level after level /) also if you use CocoonJS - you will see "Powered by Ludei" logo + loading every assets at startup = huge memory spike (so game that could run on 512MB - needs 1 GB)

    other option is Intel Crosswalk, but it's not 100% reliable yet

  • Thank you guys for explanations.

    I really like the features but as szymek said for the powered by... that can be a problem for commercial work if there is option to pay and remove that that would be something.

    If i understand correctly Construct2 does not support building APK or eclipse project or XCode for iOS project by itself? in features for payed versions there is iOS/Android mentioned? Does this still mean that i need CocoonJS or similar even if we buy Construct2?

  • It outputs HTML5 ready to go. For other platforms where you don't want the customer using the browser to access it, you need a wrapper.

    Windows 8/8.1 has it's own, as does Firefox marketplace, Amazon, and Tizen.

    But Android and Apple are still 3rd party, and the two most integrated are actually still in development, so if your project is going to take awhile, you may be fine. (we've come a very long way the past 6 months, and Construct2 updates nearly weekly.)

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  • list3ner, I'm not sure what your skill level with Android is, but you could make your own wrapper with whatever code you want. Basically, you just need to create one basic Android app that has a single Activity/page with just a WebView in it. In the Java code, you would then navigate to the local source HTML w/Javascript file that is exported from Construct 2.

  • Bigger music tracks (>2MB .ogg or .mp4) has issues on a lot of older devices, it won't play. Otherwise sound is fine.

    Performance is really good, if you A) Don't use physics (CocoonJS still has issues accelerating it!!) and B) Don't use WebGL effects/shaders (again, because CocoonJS still has trouble accelerating it!!). If you stick with these two design constraints, you can still make a very visually impressive game that runs very fast.

  • Crosswalk should be pretty good for Android. It's free, doesn't add any logos, has better audio support (Web Audio API) and lots of other browser-level features that CocoonJS is missing (e.g. XML parsing, form controls, etc).

  • Thank you...

    We generally decided to go with Construct2 for browser but we will skip mobile platforms since it's still in growing phase and as far as i can see many people are working hard to make mobile as seamless as possible so i expect in near future it will be good.

    We were toying with the idea to make wrapper with web view, we did so on iOS for some other projects static apps not games but that complicates things further and adds to complexity but it's valid way to do and can give you more control over your game on mobile platforms.

    Looking forward soon to be part of community as we will purchase license by the end of this month for the upcoming project.

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