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  • today , i have a topic about the contruct2 logo ... as you know i'm new to construct2 and i have heard that construct2 wasn't html5 and html5 is new technology, so construct2 changed to html5 but the problem isn't in that the problem is that i have 2 logos that have construct2:

    <img src="" border="0" /> <img src="" border="0" />

    so the problem in the logos when i see the 1st one it looks like an old logo so i tough this is the logo for old construct2 (classic or i don't know the name) and i can see it in the forum.

    and when i see the 2nd one its good and look more modern also Ashley made some tutorials about this logo (2nd one) and even the examples on download file there is some examples with this logo.

    so the question is which logo do we use? and is there an official logo for construct2 that we (should/must) put it in the beginning of the games?

    also if the logo is the 2nd will we get copyright if we changed some colors or not , (*i have found that youtube use same this logo as icon in android and youtube [setting icon] ) ???

    *the 2nd logo has many colors the most puplar is gray , green. so we able to change it to something else or not??

    *just to say my country doesn't care about copyright they put some rules this year but it's not already working yet but it will soon.

    thanks for reading

    by salem ^^

  • Unless I'm mistaken, I believe the first picture is the Scirra logo, while the second is the Construct 2 logo - the Construct Classic logo is like the second picture, but with the chunk containing the "2" missing.

    If your game is made with Construct 2, I'd suggest going with the Construct 2 logo rather than the company logo - as for modification, I'll leave that for Tom or Ashley to answer.

  • Yes, the first logo is the Scirra logo and the second is the Construt 2 logo.

    You don't need to put the logo in your game, however people do, because basically Scirra is awesome and we want to support them as much as we can.

    The Youtube setting icon is similar, but not the same. Lots of icons use gears so I assume there is no copyright on the gear.

    I don't think Scirra would mind if you changed some colors (I did :P) but I'll leave that up to them to answer.

  • You don't need to put the logo in your game, however people do, because basically Scirra is awesome and we want to support them as much as we can.

    You don't need to put the logo, but if you're using the free version you are to leave the "made with C2" notification that's in the index.html.

  • Kyatric "You don't need to put the logo" so i can use?? for me i want to support construct2 as sqiddster said : its awasome.

    you know i asked some of my country developers about construct2 about 20+ people most of them didn't hear about construct2 also one of them said :

    "html5 is new technology and i don't think construct2 will be the best program for it , new programs will appear and will be better" so i think he didn't see construct2 results, there are many good games made with it and construct2 keep going better and better not like the other programs like gamesalad they never update (also gamesalad lowered the price only when construct2 become better than it)

    also you didn't answer if we could change the logo or not like we put some of out character on the logo or make the logo looks like our charater or just effect it like this example :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    remember this is an example of many other examples.

  • That example looks awesome! I am 99% sure Scirra will be OK with it. Ashley can you comment?

  • as no one answered till now (seems they are busy) ill do what sqiddster, if there is something else just say when ever you see this topic ,

    thanks all

  • Yeah, it's strange, Scirra have seemed to be weirdly absent these past few days...

  • sqiddster , yes even kyatric we didn't see him, anyway good luck to whatever they do.

  • If you didn't see me, that's because you haven't opened your eyes big enough.

    I've already said what I had to say about this issue, the rest is up to Scirra boyz.

    Tom has to code the website, and Ashley has to code C2, it's normal to not have them answering in the forum from time to time.

    Also have you noticed the mention in the press kit ?

    Isn't it an answer in itself ?

  • I'm putting this logo in my game :)

  • Kyatric , i think now its more clear thanks :)

    this first time i saw it that logos kit anyway from what i saw in the kit there is arcade for arcade games if you put your game in the arcade and there is scirra logo for the forum and we can't change the colors , also there is construct2 with multi colors so we can change it to whatever we want as make it pixels or recolor it or even make funnier :P

    7Soul , your logo is one of the examples that we can make with construct2 really good work ^^

    thanks for your help if i'm wrong you can correct me ^^

  • We were on holiday this weekend, sorry for the delay in responses.

    We always appreciate a mention of the tool to help spread the word if you want to help support us. We don't mind people customising the logo to the style of their game either. However I would prefer the original logo to be used without modification if possible, because it helps create a consistent brand image. In other words, it would be best to use the original unless you specifically want to fit the style of something else.

  • Hope you had a good holiday!

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  • Ashley have a nice holiday ^^

    i think this the answer that i was looking for ^^ thanks for everything :)

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