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  • Hi,

    I am now working with C2 on Win7 64 Bit and 8 GB of RAM. From time to time, when starting the preview C2 freezes. If iam lucky there exists a recently saved version (or automatic backup) otherwise I usually loose a bit of work.

    I suspect that the problem relates to me having C2 files directly in the Dropbox folder. I think that the error that freezes C2 is some resource unavailability exception -- perhaps related to dropbox locking a file during upload to the cloud that C2 requires.

    Usually, when it happens I have to kill a newly spanned C2 process (using task manager), which kills C2 also. I then also exit the dropbox software and start again.

    It would be great if C2 code could be checked to ensure that when a resource needed is unavailable (such as locked by another process), that it doesn't freeze C2, but only notifies and waits until the resource is available again ...



  • Thanks. I don't see the dialog that is shown in the other thread. Although I do see what could be a dialog which is sometimes shown for split of a second -- and one or two processes spawned by C2 in the task manager, which when killed, kills C2.

    One similarity to the thread is that my project is pretty big now, and saving and backup threads do a couple of seconds.

    I don't see a resolution offered in the thread though ...

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  • There is a workaround suggested there, try what DUTOIT suggested in the second page. I think the problem revolves around cpu speed, as I never had this problem again in my new laptop, it only happen in the old one.

    I'm noticing a pattern actually, this happens only on win7 64 bit so far....

    I don't see the dialog that is shown in the other thread.

    The dialog can be inconsistent sometimes, sometime the pc can freeze without anything popped up, or the entire windows just freeze.

  • ok. got it. Thanks!

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