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  • Hi,

    i recently ran into a big problem with one of my capx's, first issue was that saving took very very long and working in the editor lagged like hell, then this got even worser, saving took minutes while the CPU runs at 100%, really 100%, the whole system hangs while it saves. Then the editor started to crash randomly while scrolling through a big layout or zooming in and out. Now it also crashes most times the capx is loaded. First i thought my harddrive had a failure so i saved it to another one but no difference, saved it to an nearly new USB drive and it was still the same.

    In the past Ashley said editor crashing might have to do with outdated graphicscard drivers and i had this problems on an older Thinkpad with intel onboard graphics so i tried opening the capx on a much more powerfull desktop computer with uptodate graphics drivers and its completely the same behaviour, the capx only loads with some luck, most time it lets the system hang and construct2 crash eventually.

    The capx it self is only 500kb and there are no big graphics or effects, the only thing not so common in this game is the size of the layout which is 100000*100000 but that wasnt a problem in the past so i dont think that this is the reason, when previewed or exported the game runs great, there are only problems with the editor.

    Im using the stable version r200.

    Cant post the capx because its a game i plan to release next month and i couldnt reproduce it in a simple project.

    Does anyone have an idea what might be causing that behaviour of the editor?

  • Do you use thousands of images? Perhaps unticking "Cache icons for better performance" in Preferences may help.

  • no, infact its a retro game with 32 tiny c64 like graphics, the biggest is 250*250.

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  • Start un-digging the hole.

    Remove fx, then third party plugs, etc.

    Might check it on a more modern machine first however.

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