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  • Hi,

    there is this idea in my head to use some sort of CMS like Drupal together with construct2 made games but my english isnt the best so i didnt found much about this topic, possibly because i dont know the wright words to search for it, so sorry if this is something that has been discussed before.

    What i want to do is to have the player have an account on the Drupal Site where his progress, achievments etc from the game are stored. And in advance, because large construct2 games with lots of different sprites, levels and events happening makes some problems, i thought of spliting up the game into smaller projects and the CMS site should handle to pass on the necessary data from one to another game.

    Maybe an example makes it clearer, lets say im making some sort of action rpg like diablo, where you can build a character who collects stuff like treasures, weapons, armor etc in dungeon and returns to a village to sell and buy stuff. There i would like to make one project for just making the player character, one project for the village where you can buy and sell stuff and that uses just the village graphics and one project for the dungeon stuff.

    is it possible or is there even already a plugin for this? i would like to here your opinions on that!

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