Is Construct 2 worth buying?

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  • Hi, I discovered Construct 2 recently and it looks interesting, however I see there is a Construct 3 now. So I am a little torn about whether I should get it or not. Is Construct 2 still worth buying? (Will it continue to be supported for a decent period of time).

  • Construct 2 will be maintained for the foreseeable future (i.e. mainly just bug fixes). Only Construct 3 will gain new features from now on.

  • Thanks for the reply! I'll pick it up soon then.

  • I've been dabbling with Construct 2 since June (2017) and I'm now at the stage of considering buying a license, so should I go for C3 and will there ever be an offline version of C3?

  • Construct 3 already works offline.

  • I just checked the prices.... I think I'll stick with C2 license, and consider a C3 license if I was ever to make money from games.

    ( I realise £79/year is not a huge amount of money but for someone like myself who is "not there yet..." its a consideration)

  • It can easily take a person a couple years to become completely familiar and comfortable with C2, and a couple more years to a point where they are capable of developing games with some level of competence. From my own experience, I often start and stop various game projects. Construct makes it easy to start games, but everything good requires time to develop, so there is a lot of learning a person will experience with each project even if they don't get finished.

    I'm still using C2 for now. I've only finished/released 2 games with it over the course of around 4 years I think.

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  • A friend referred me to a good Construct 2 course on Udemy, so I've been following along with that using the free version. I'm now a few hours deep into the course, and I'm completely sold on the idea of picking up the personal edition as soon as I can afford it.

    I was wondering if Construct 2 is ever likely to go on sale, and if so, how often does it tend to pop up on sale, and for how long do such sales normally last?

  • Construct 3 is something I want to buy as I am getting serious in gaming. I don't mind investing the money. It's about producing the best.

  • Cant see C2 ever going on sale again to be honest, doesn't really make a whole lot of sense for them in my opinion given the new model.

    C2 is great. I still use it, but if you do become serious with it you will definitely be upgrading to c3 at some point so keep that in mind (c3 will make it easier to monetise as well as being the better engine after they have had enough time to work on it).

    There will always be that portion of the community that doesn't think they will make enough use of it to justify the yearly cost though, and they might be right. For that I would like to see another option where the sub covers use of the exporters/advanced features like multiplayer etc.

  • Thanks for the reply! It's a shame it's unlikely to ever go on sale again, but I certainly understand given that they have a new version. My main reason for going for C2 is that I have a friend who has C2. So naturally I want to get the same version. But if I find that I'm able to make good use of C2 I will certainly look into C3 after that.

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