Construct 2 Won't open project

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  • Key notes:

    I'm not using any 3rd party plugins, just the default construct 2.

    I'm not using a different version of construct 2 than the one the project was built in.

    All I did was save my project, close out construct 2 and turn the computer off for the night, in the morning I reopened construct 2 and when I went to open my project it gave me this error:

    Failed to open project C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\ProjectName\V.01\ProjectName.caproj

    Error document empty

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (Projects are saved in XML format)

    Did I just lose my entire project? Ashley

    How does one fix this issue?

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  • First of all, make a backup copy of this folder, just in case.

    Then check if there are any files ending with ".backup" or ".autosave"

    If you find such file, rename it (remove ".backup") and try to open.


    Also, check this folder: C:\Users\YourName\Local Settings\Temp

    Sort by new, see if there are any recent folders with names like "CAP123456". Copy them to a safe place and check if any of them contain your project.

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