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  • The Construct 2 Wiki is up! Right now, we've got about 30 articles up on the wiki ranging from individual behaviors such as bullet, to collision detection, to timing, and everything in between!

    Why does Construct 2 need a wiki?

    • With the team at Scirra hard at work on both maintaining Construct 2 and also developing Construct 3, it's up to the community to pool their knowledge together.
    • Much of the information currently on the wiki wouldn't really be suitable as tutorials (which are really more like "how-to" guides)
    • The forums are not a substitute for a well-maintained wiki. You can only sticky so many threads before it starts to get overwhelming. Additionally, as Construct is developed, older informative threads on the forums may no longer be applicable.
    • The wiki can act as a complimentary reference to the existing manual.

    Wikis are easy to maintain, update, and can grow as Construct continues to grow. Having a community-centric wiki for Construct 2 that is constantly being updated is a win for everybody.

    I'll be updating this thread from time to time to post updates and articles. I chose to host the wiki on WikiSpaces rather than something like Wikia because I wanted the wiki to be ad-free.

  • This is nice! Thanks for this.

  • I've got the permissions set up such that anyone can edit pages. For some reason, anonymous users cannot create new pages but I'm working on getting that fixed.

    In the meantime, I've created a generic user to represent the Scirra community that people can use if they want to create new pages or start discussions.

    User: constructuser

    Password: constructuser


  • Cool idea! The manual can sometimes be pretty brief so it would be good to have a central place with some more expanded knowledge.

  • Thanks guys!

    I've added a new article to the wiki:

    Collisions with respect to framerate

  • great idea!

  • looks great

  • I like the idea of "Explanation" and "Workarounds" on some pages. Things like that help people a lot to understand how things works.

    Manual is great for telling what you have in engine (expressions, actions...), but in most cases micro examples like this only helps you understand how it work and how/when/where you can use it - especially for beginners.

    so yeah, +1 for the wiki

  • It's a good idea. Now it only needs a custom domain name, like or something like that.

  • shinkan

    Thanks! I plan to add more workarounds in the future.


    That's a good idea! now redirects to the Construct Wiki!

  • That's a good idea! now redirects to the Construct Wiki!

    That is great

  • I'm liking this a lot - great idea!

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  • [quote:1qy791j0]Subscription Expired

    This wiki's subscription has expired. The wiki will be reactivated once one of the wiki organizers renews the wiki's subscription.

    Was hoping to see what the site was like

  • yeah, and it's only been a few months. Wow.

  • DatapawWolf

    Sorry about that. I've been out of the country for a while and didn't realize the subscription system wasn't set to autobill from my account. It should be back up now.

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