Construct 2 web network or other fan websites?

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  • Hi everybody,

    My name's Paul and I recently jumped ship to construct from Unity.

    One thing i think is great about the website is the large amount of easy to find resources and tutorials. I also like that the community is quick to respond and friendly.

    However, I've been wondering if there's a Hub , or a network that shows off other websites full of resources and tutorials. I ask this simply because i come from a blender background. One thing that i always loved about that was that there is a ton of websites all pointing to each other and posting each other's material, i.e, of the CGCookie network),, and Is there a community outside of If so I'd like to hear all about it.

    Just curious, thanks for all the great help so far. And for putting up with my newbie questions ;)


  • There are a few dips here and there on responses, but over all it's good.

    Unfortunately not at this time. C2 is still relatively small compared Blender and Unity. There are a few threads that are a show off of projects.

    The closest that there is, is the Scirra Arcade.

  • Thanks for the reply, That's about what i figured. What it lacks in popularity and networking , it makes up for in ease-of-use.

    I hope to see it continue to grow, it's certainly growing in popularity. I heard somebody on mention it during a recent livestream and was pretty impressed.


  • I think if some one managed to release a game that went main stream. That would really boom the community. However, as usually designers are a greedy lot that need to work on THEIR MASTER PIECE.... of course that includes me :D

  • Same here, And more power to you ;)

    There must be a few relatively well-known titles, it seems like there's a lot of scope to what can be done in some of the games i've played so far.

  • Yeah, if we get a hit to come out of C2 we should get some popularity. I looked at GameMaker because Spelunky was made in it. I also looked at Construct over a year or two ago because Konjak makes his games in Classic (at that time I saw C2 but was meh to it for some dumb reason).

    Construct2 also can become popular due to ease of use and ability to make games because of game portals like Newgrounds. Hopefully everyone who made a game with C2 on those portals mention it somehow :D

  • I know i would anyway, It's a little rough around the edges at times but it's probably the most coherent game development software I've ever tried. The comparison to Gamemaker is definitely apt.

  • I didn't see any "general" communities, but there are a few country-specific forums and websites around already

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  • The thing is that the Scirra website is already so good we don't need other communities. Better to have everything in one place than scatter it around

  • Well a community website would be able to post news and blogs about the latest C2 developments and games instead of people scouring the forums themselves manually.They're essentially there so the fans can bring to light the interesting things that others normally wouldn't come upon.

    Plus this is still technically a professional website with a good community, but C2's community is small atm and Scirra can handle it. Later on unless they take active role in directing the community and providing support which would cost them a lot more time the larger the commnuity is, outside communities would be needed to handle the userbase.

    Doesn't mean the outside community would have to be just C2, only have enough focus on C2.

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