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  • So decided to swing by the top half of the forum again.

    Just wondering how Construct 2 is doing, and how far off it is until it reaches par or surpasses Construct 1.

    Mainly in terms of large complex projects.

    Been working on some absurdly complex things:

    Tile based normal maps

    A* path finding algorithms

    Lighting engines

    3d Newtonian physics

    Massive procedural islands/worlds

    Mostly using arrays(and drinking lots of coffee)

    And am about to start putting them all together for my Construct magnum-opus.

    I'm Just trying to gauge if I should switch over to construct 2 before I start.

  • While I haven't made a large project in c2 yet, I have made one in CC. My advice? Definitely move to c2. CC can barely handle loot pursuit anymore.

    CC has:

    Faster event execution (a vague guess is it's maybe 2-3 times faster, that said c2 is plenty fast for the vast majority of things already - it's mainly a concern on mobile)

    Some features that haven't been implemented yet in c2, like cosp/qarp/cubic, pairer object, sprite distortion, basic 3d models, etc.


    That's pretty much it that I can think of. Everything else c2 beats CC on, including rendering speed, preview speed, stability and way more. C2 is also being actively developed, bugs are getting fixed, new features are being added, you can export to more platforms... There's simply no reason to use CC anymore when c2 is so much better in almost every way.

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  • Well if Arima is saying wait until C2....

    Seriously, you've been working on Loot Pursuit for ages. I can only imagine the cluster that is.

    I've had C1 Explode in my face a couple times when my event sheets start to get in the 500's

    But sadly my projects heavily reliant on sprite distortion. so I'll probably just keep proto-typing in C1 until that gets implemented.


    But how about arrays?

    in particular saving and storing large groups of images and data.

    And is .exe supported as opposed to only browser based?

  • Bartosh, I'm definitely interested in your project, could you post more about it?

    Here are two of the most interesting resources I've collected when working on my massive ambitious project: <-- steering, seeking and flocking behavior <-- massive interview with Tarn Adams (my favorite developer), of special interest are worldgen and fluid dynamics in tile based maps.

  • Fimbul

    Yeah sure.

    I was planning on posting some more of my prototypes on the Construct 1 forum as soon as I Clean them up.

    I already have a tutorial on my A* Path finding algorithm

    and some stuff with my 3d Island generator/basic lighting

    Then I'd like to start a blog or something about my plans for my major project.

    It's basically Escape Velocity crossed with the Sims/Startopia and Cannon Fodder. but on floating islands in the sky. and the whole thing plays with just the mouse.

    but not a clustered abomination like all that sounds.

  • My project isn't that complex (only ~2500 events so far), but for my project the performance on computers has only ever been a struggle with the graphical side on old/bad computers, the code hasn't really been an issue at all (it's been awesome).

  • I always heard CC was sketchy handling big projects. I was also told by Arima to wait for C2 and I don't regret it.

  • So I've already decided I really don't want to build it in C1

    because of the stability issues.

    I guess my main point of asking is that construct 2 seems like its primarily geared to making simpler browser-esk games.

    At least the last time I sat down and tried to do something with it.

    And heck maby that is actually fine, I'm starting to see more and more complex browser/app games. and its more likely too get played by more people if its made that way.

    However I don't like the idea of my ideas having to be held back to support an Operating system.

    And truth be told, I've never really cared if anybody played my games. I make them for me.


    Somebody PMed me about making my array path finding tutorial for C2.

    I'll do that. and by the end I should have a basic understanding of what I can/cannot do in C2.

    Then I should know if C2 looks like (in the future) its going to be right for me. Or if i should move along...

  • It's not that C2 is primarily geared towards making simple browser-based games, it's just that no one has made something more complex with it yet. I feel confident that C2 is capable of making complex games.

    Having sprite distortion would be really nice though.

    Exe and osx app support using node WebKit was added in the newest beta, check it out. The official plug-in doesn't yet support all of the options node WebKit has, like writing files to disk, but JohnnySheffield made some plugins for the rest of them and and a tutorial for exporting (you can get more window options and such as well as export to Linux if you do it manually):

    Export to node WebKit tutorial

    Node webkit plugin

    Node webkit filesystem plugin

    Node webkit path plugin

    Node webkit os plugin

    Node webkit wiki

    Be sure to follow the tutorial if you want to export manually, there's an edit to the index.html file that needs to be done to speed up loading.

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