Construct 2 - Only A Toy?

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    X I like you. dont give up on c2

    X I like you. dont give up on c2

    Thank you for the encouragement man. Appreciate it alot right now.

    For the last time, you just misunderstand everything that is being posted.

    Your last answer directed at me is such a misreading and misunderstanding of my intents and actual posts I understand why you are struggling so much.

    Let's put that on the language barrier I guess.

    So let me try to write it simply so you can understand.

    I did not threaten you of ban. People never get banned on our forums for stating their opinion, good or bad.

    All I did is try to open your eyes on how you are coming across in this topic through what you actually posted.

    Our forum is a community of people. Not customers. Game makers.

    And you did disrepect that community by the way. If it wasn't your intention, than be more careful about what you are posting.

    You are still getting it wrong all along, whether you like it or not.

    No paranoid, ok ?

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    We are (slowly) building a new game dev. studio. Our flagship project, FATE: Carpe Moerae, will be built entirely (edit2: or rather the ENTIRE front end... the back end is in Java servlets) in Construct, so C2 is definitely not a toy, although it can be used as such.

    Also, our website (in my sig) was built (front end) entirely in C2.

    (Actually, we use Pode's iFrame for content pages.... but I consider that "part" of C2).

    You and I differ on so many things. I have no quarrel with the community at all, as you falsely claim.

    "you are not a customer"

    Thank you for trying so hard in making me feeling unwelcome here.

    Example: If I go to Google/Apple store via my mobile phone and download a game which has ads but you can pay if you want. Am I a customer or not to the company who created that game? In my opinion I sure am, and I bet that the company looks at it the same way. But you're saying no. Since I haven't paid. I wonder if Scirra shares your opinion in this question.

    Customer to apple/google store ? wrong forum if thats the case ...

    otherwise ...

    If you made it, you are breaking scirra TOS:

    1. Free Edition

    The Free Edition is permitted for use by anyone for non commercial use.

    Commercial use counts as but is not limited to: use within any business (other than limited testing for suitability), generating advertising revenue, selling or licensing generated content or intention or capability to generate revenue.

    "I've been using Construct 2 far longer than you have, haven't I ?"

    I never said anything about that and I really don't care how long experience you have with C2. It doesn't help you, nor me that much in this discussion right now, does it? I'm not comparing the size of our p*nises.

    This particular mod happens to attend the newcomers on the forum and awnser any questions they may have. His experience counts.

    "I have had my fair share of trolls and idiots"

    If I was founder of Scirra I'd be more careful with who I put as a moderator on their forum. Calling customers (even if they're bad customers) trolls and idiots is unprofessional - it is especially bad when it's done in front of thousands of other customers. Try that in any other company and you'll see.

    So glad you are not.

    Ever been with other companies/fora ?

    "Have I accused you of being somebody else ? No, not at all. I have mentioned another person using the same kind of vocabulary and having the same kind of issues with our community."

    You forgot to include the last sentence from the original post. Where you also said "What a coincidence..." - As if I was him and that he returned to this forum. That's what I reacted on. You implying that. But also your threat about giving me a ban for no reason.

    You feel strangly accused of something here .... and being a bit defensive ... most would have laughed it off.

    "Also I forgot, yet another technicality, but everybody gets the point by now, those are a community forum, not customer service."

    No, what you forget is that you as a moderator is part of Scirra's customer service, whether you like it or not. You are part of the service they have for customers. You deal with their customers. If you really can't see the connection then there's another reason Scirra should reconsider who they make moderator on their site.

    After all it's all about their product and their customers. Not about one single moderator with attitude and easily hurt feelings, who needs to relax a bit and return to his main job - customer service. Anyway, you still have a nasty tone throughout but also trying to riducule me "But comfort yourself, I'm nasty, wooooooh" but I've calmed down and realize that you and I will not be friends that's for sure.

    It is also about a community ... in which you are being a bit of a pain in the ass right about now.

    But Ashley I need to know right now if I can continue to stay on this forum or if I will be banned - for nothing - which Kyatric threatens with.

    I can go back to ask my noob questions again.

    A member mentioned banning .... why so scared ? got something to hide


    I used the word ban. This forum gets lots of trolls, usually they come back every couple months to vent their frustrations because they failed or they think the software failed them.

    If you are NOT a troll, and really want to build something, then take a breathe, relax.

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Promise me you will revisit this topic when you are calm, cool and collected.

    You will see no one has an issue with you viewpoint. We do have an issue that your viewpoint is obsured. Nothing wrong with that, as there are tons of awesome folks here that would help you see things correctly.

    You seem to harp on the controller aspect.

    It is super easy to build one, why build vs having it built for you - simple - for a paint by numbers game, it is fine, but you might have a toddler playing your game (My son, whose ability doesn't allow a paint by number style controller) so I can now customize / develop it from the ground up to aid his play style.

    You will have to get your hands dirty - you will have to build the game - you have to acknowledge that - right?

    Android performance

    GM is awesome, as it has better mobile performance, but you will have to get your hands very very dirty there. And it has issues, more so than here in many areas. I have the master collection - and it is sitting on my desktop unused for like a year I think.

    Look, you have some basic issues currently, okay mobile performance is going to have you pulling your hair out, and smashing your keyboard against your forehead, but we all have that. Performance is a nightmare. And no phone is the same - it's a nightmare.

    Look. This is the most supportive community, and scirra is in the software business. The community actually are the guys you don't want to piss off. These guys here you are spitting in their faces, are the same guys who could offer up an huge amount of info, shortcut your dev time etc. We all have controller capx floating around. But we don't have to share... heck, we most definitely won't share with a disrespectful member.

    You want to build a game, WE want YOU too build a game. WE love it if a C2 game is a success. The guys here are in your corner. So stop punching your team mates - okay.

    I think my thing is that I don't really understand what it is that people are struggling so much with. At one point I really did understand the mobile issue but lately, all my games seem to be working just fine on mobile outside of Super Ubie Island Remix.

    What exactly are people NOT able to do with the event system?

    I guess I have one issue, and if someone has a solution then great!

    I wish there were more controls for music. And for some reason, the wait command seems to behave differently depending on whether I have the game on fullscreen or windowed. Any reasons why that may be happening?

    DUTOIT I appreciate the kind words

    Closing this thread since it is becoming personal and off-topic. Nobody is getting banned. You are always welcome to use another tool if you really believe that Construct 2 is not adequate for your purposes. Posts by moderators do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion, but I will side with them anyway. Please note we reserve the right to make arbitrary moderation decisions on the forum, and usage of the forum is a privilege, not a right.

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